PEEC 2022(April) 

Pure Earth Foundation  is glad to announce and extend an invitation  for the 4th Pure Earth Environment Conference (PEEC) to be held on 23rd April 2022 in both physical and online mode.

Focal Theme : Environment & Agriculture

Sub Themes:

    • Sustainable agriculture – strategies and action plans
    • Technical Transformation in Agriculture.
    • Organic Farming and Organic Food.
    • Need for socialization of Technology in Agriculture.
    • Diversification in Agriculture.
    • Modern farming equipment, Power and Energy in Agriculture.
    • Environmental effects of Agriculture practices
    • Environmental and social issues associated with Agricultural production
    • Climate and Smart Agriculture
    • Bamboo cultivation - a boon for future fuel and energy in India
    • Fisheries – cultivation and marketing
    • Social and environmental impact of  Dairy development
    • Impact of Agriculture on environment
    • Health hazards in Agriculture
    • Production and disposal of bio-waste from Agriculture & animal husbandry
    • Agriculture role in rural and urban development
    • Horticulture and Agro-forestry
    • Geo-spatial technologies in the management of agriculture
    • Education on Biodiversity, Bio-fuel, Wild life
    • Impact of climate change on Agriculture
    • Agriculture in forest areas- Acts and policies
    • Agriculture and food security

Call for  Papers

Research papers are invited from students and scholars on theabove themes and related topics for oral/poster presentation in PEEC 2022(April). Full-length papers (not exceeding 8 pages, in word document format)with complete details of authors (including address, email and phone no) shall be sent to the conveners on or before 10th April 2022. The research paper may be submitted via email to pureearthfoundation@gmail.com.

Key Dates of PEEC 2022 (April)

Submission of full-length paper (max. 8 pages): 10th April 2022

Registration for participation : up to 23rd April 2022

Use below link for Registrations:


Registration Fee

For participating delegates, students and research scholars: INR 250/-


Sponsorship amount: INR 25,000. Sponsors name and logo will be displayed and published in the proceedings of the conference. One delegate of the sponsor will be allowed without registration fee.


Payments towards PEEC 2022(April) shall be made by electronic transfer to the Current Ac. No. 37721840685 of PEF at SBI Nandagiri Hills Branch, Hyderabad. IFS code: SBIN0018852 or shall be paid at the time of Registration by cheque/cash.

For details to participate in PEEC 2022 (April) contact:


Dr. K. Jayachandra

Vice President, PEF & Convener - PEEC

Ph No: +91-9573947170

Email Id: drjcgit@gmail.com

Interested  participants  can  register with the Link  and can submit their Research Papers to pureearthfoundation@gmail.com

Background: Pure Earth Environment Conference (PEEC)

PEF has initiated the Pure Earth Environment Conference(PEEC) in the year 2019 to encourage the younger generation towards constructive research and innovation in the scientific and technological aspects of any or all activity connected with sustainable development and environmental conservation. PEEC encourages paper presentations exclusively from students and scholars. This conference is organised bi-annually on fixed days i.e. the fourth Saturday of April and November months every year.

PEEC 2019:

The first Conference was organised on 16th Nov2019 at NIMSME campus, Hyderabad. More than 100 students from 12 engineering colleges along with few faculty members, environmentalists, scientists, engineers and government officials participated in the conference. The theme of the conference included pollution, water conservation, waste management and green cover development. The participating students made over 20 presentations, the best three papers were awarded and encouraged to share their knowledge and solutions in the public domain via convention media. Eminent guests included Dr. Dana Kishore IAS (MD-HMWSSB), Sri T.Vijay Kumar IAS (Commissioner-School Education), Sri C. Achalender Reddy IFS (Director-CIPS), Dr. Kavita Daryani Rao (VC-JNAFAU) and Sri. M.V.Krishna Rao IPS (former DGP, AP and President at PEF), who delivered special addresses in PEEC 2019.

PEEC 2020: Both Conferences were cancelled due to COVID-19

PEEC 2021(April):

Focal Theme : Environment & Health

The 2nd Pure Earth Environment Conference, 2021 was successfully conducted in online mode on 24-04-2021. The Director General of NIMSME, Ms. Glory Swaroopa,  the Director of CIPS, Sri C. Achalender Reddy IFS, Pure Earth Foundation President  and former DG of police Sri M.V.Krishna Rao IPS and Vice President, Pure Earth Foundation  Dr. K. Jayachandra have addressed the 70 plus online participants on Environment and Health related issues.

21 Research papers from students representing various educational institutions from 12 states were presented in the conference. Total 9 papers were awarded as best first, second and third prizes.

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University Principal Prof.S.Kumàr, former Sr. Scientist from ISRO Dr. J Ramanamurthy, Asso. Prof. from G Naranamma Institute of Technology and Sciences, Dr.M.Aparna,  Asst.Prof. from Layola Academy, Dr. P. Sheshabala, and Dr. Akash Sondhi from TERI school of advanced studies, New Delhi were involved as Chair persons of three  Technical Sessions categorized under Environment, Health and Covid19.

The paper presentation with excellent content by the students was appreciated by the jury and the online participants by their vote.

A well composed and printed Proceedings Book with the content of all the full length papers was also released during the conference and is made available with PEF office which could be provided to all the participants of the conference. Altogether the 2nd Pure Earth Environment Conference was conducted with outstanding research content and wonderful deliberations on Environment, Health and Covid19 related issues and solutions.

PEEC 2021(Nov):

Focal Theme : Environment & Education

The 3nd Pure Earth Environment Conference, 2021 was also successfully conducted in online mode on 27-11-2021. Organizers from PEF, Sri M.V.Krishna Rao IPS and Dr. K. Jayachandra, several academicians viz., Prof. P. Venkatesu from University of Delhi, Assoc. Prof. Dr D.Chakradhar from IIT, Palakkad, Dr. Nusrath Aziz from Baramulla District, Jammu and Kashmir, Assoc. Prof. Dr.M.Aparna, Assist. Prof. Dr. K. Shyamala Devi, Assist. Prof. V.Vijayalakshmi from G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Sciences, Assoc. Prof. K.Subba Rao from SN Vanith Mahavidyalaya and Assoc. Prof. B RamaKrishna from JNAFAU, Hyderabad have involved as Chair persons of the Technical Sessions. With 100 plus online participants, 22 Research papers were presented, 7 papers were adjudged for prizes and the Proceedings Book with the content of all the full length papers was also released

First Prize winners

  1. Environment – a career and life- Anusha & N.Thanmai, B. Raja Rajeshwari GNITS
  2. The essence of green education for youngsters - Sai Geetha & Aishwarya Dhande, GNITS

Second Prize winners

  1. Bio-fuels-A step towards sustainability- P.Dharani & M.Parinita, GNITS
  2. Climate change and Global warming - Its adverse impacts on environment and biodiversity- Gnanojwala, SNVM

Third Prize winners

  1. Role of GIS and GPS technologies education for environment and human activities- M Jyothi, P Swathi, B Prem Nihal, J Saikrishna, VBIT
  2. A Review on Impacts of Disasters on Man and Environment- Vasavi & Mahija Sumithra, JPS/KV
  3. Covid 19 - Digital Transformation Changes in Education Sector- Varsha &V.Viswaleka, GNITS