Pure Earth Foundation is an Environment concerned charitable society formed by a professional group of eminent Scientists, retired Bureaucrats, Environmentalists and Technocrats with a motive to educate and create awareness to the society particularly to the younger generation about the dangers of Environmental degradation , Climate Change , Global Warming, negative use of technology and their impact on future generations. Having immense experience and knowledge, the members of the foundation wants to take up practical solutions towards these environment connected issues through scientific methods  for sustainable use of natural resources of the planet Earth.

As a part of the Foundation activities, PEF has been organizing free training programs on Environment Management, concepts of Geo-spatial technologies, networking & data security and basic computing at JNAFAU campus in the week-ends. PEF is also supporting and encouraging the rural people particularly the farming sector by studying the suitable environmental conditions and resource potential to adopt right practices derived from scientific procedures while utilizing the land and water resources towards best results. Few activities that were identified and sincerely working by the PEF are; Watershed methods implementation, soil characteristics studies, mapping of land use & ground water potential, water harvesting methods, Forest/green cover/plantation rising, biodiversity balancing,  solar & wind energy utilization and initiatives for pollution free environment.

PEF is also a Centre for Environment and Geo-spatial Technologies offering ” Free Training, Project Guidance and Internships” to Students studying for their graduation / post graduation in Geo/Earth-Sciences, Environment, Forestry, Agriculture, Water resources, Transportation, Urban Planning, Rural Development, Natural Resource development, Social development, Civil engineering, IT and computer Science by inolving them into live projects.

Pure Earth Environment Conference (PEEC)

PEF has initiated the Pure Earth Environment Conference in the year 2019, a bi-annual national conference to promote research and innovation in the field of environment, natural resources and social related issues.

The Conference will be organized twice in a year on fixed days ie the fourth Saturday of April and November months every year. The first conference was organized on 16-11-2019 at NMSMS Campus, Hyderabad.

Keeping in view, the prevailing restrictions & conditions across the country due to Covid19, the executive Committee of Pure Earth Foundation has cancelled both  the conferences of the year 2020 The second conference  will be organised on 24th April 2021 as announced at NMSMS Campus, Hyderabad..  All the abstracts, sponsorships, registrations made by sponsors, participants will  carry forward to the November Conference. New abstracts and full length papers by the author delegates can be submitted through emails as mentioned in the brouchure.

The focal theme for this conference is – ‘Environment and Health’. Papers submitted by students/ scholars will be evaluated, and the best of the selected 25 to 30 papers will be presented at the conference. The proceedings of the conference with all the selected papers will be brought as a book and circulated to all the participants.  There is a cash prize award for two best papers, along with participation certificates to all the participants.

The conference can also be attended online by registering with the Link .

Click the below links to view the brochure of PEEC2021

For more information  please contact the convener of PEEC 2021 on phone no: 9573947170.

The primary focus will be given to the students studying for their graduation,  post graduation and research in Science, Engineering & social subjects across the country, by providing a vivacious  platform to discuss, share  their Techno-scientific and innovative ideas through their paper presentation.

Aims and Objectives of the Society

  1. To create awareness and educate younger generation ie., mostly students on the need for  Pure Earth and dangers of Global Warming, Climate Change, disasters, all forms of Pollutions etc
  2. To preserve Environment including Watersheds, Forests and Wild life
  3. To create a knowledge group of experts conversant with modern Technologies dealing with Environment emphasizing on Air, Water, Waste Management, Disaster Management,  Flora & Fauna etc.
  4. To ensure sustainable and equitable use of resources without degrading Environment or Risking health through  Waste Management and concept of Reduce ,Recycle and Reuse,.
  5. To raise awareness and understanding of Link between Envoronment and Development.
  6. To promote Individual and Community participation in Protection and Preservation of Environment and Prevention of Air and Water Pollution .
  7. To extend  Technical support to any organization working in the above mentioned fields including  evaluation of their projects, connected with environmental issues using Geospatial gadgets and Information Technologies at affordable and reasonable cost by sharing scientific inputs.
  8. To take up studies and preparation of Reports for projects on Environmental, Ecological issues and its Social impacts.
  9. To provide relief to the poor and needy .
  10. To conduct the literary programs and publish articles, magazines, research papers, audio/visual media documents on issues as per the above objectives.
  11. To undertake such other activities as are conducive or incidental for attainment of the above objectives of the Foundation