Date: 07-05-2022 (Saturday)
Time: 8.45 AM to 6.00 PM
4 Sessions with 33 Presentations by Students
Chaired by
Sri. M.V Krishna Rao
Sri.K.K Pappan
Prof. C.K Jayasanker
Dr. Jayachandra
Dr. M Aparna
Dr. Chakradhar
Dr. Umadevi
Dr. Subba Rao
Dr. Ravinder R M
Sri. B.Ramakrishna
Ms. Kainat Aziz
 *Free Participation* .
Zoom Meeting ID : 389 891 7165  , Passcode: 269Q3W
We invite you all and look forward to your active participation.



Saturday, 7th May 2022


Welcome & Special Address: 9.00AM – 9.40AM

  • V. Krishna Rao IPS, Former DG of Police, AP, President – PEF
  • C.K. Jayasanker, UGC-BSR Faculty and Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, SVU
  • K. Jayachandra, GIS&IT Consultant, Vice President – PEF

Technical Session 1: 9.40AM – 11.30 AM

  • Chair: M.V. Krishna Rao IPS, Former DG of Police, AP, President – PEF

Prof. C.K.Jayasanker, UGC-BSR Faculty and Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, SVU


  1. Impact of climate change on agriculture- Sruthi, GNITS
  2. Climate-smart agriculture-the way to tackle climate change in India- Meghana, Amulya, GNITS
  3. Climate & smart agriculture- Akhila, GNITS
  4. Climate smart agriculture- G Salema, SPWC
  5. Environmental effort of agriculture practices- Radhika, SPWC
  6. Impacts of Climate Change on Environment – An Overview- Mahija, Vasvi, JPS
  7. Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture- Prerna, JNAFAU
  8. Sustainable agriculture-strategies and action plan- M Divya, GNITS

Technical Session 2: 11.45AM – 1.30 PM

Chair:                  Dr. D. Chakradhar, Assoc.  Prof., IIT, Palakkad, Kerala

Ms. Kainat Aziz, Research Fellow, Central University of Gujarat


  1. Organic farming and organic food- Apurva, GNITS
  2. Organic farming- Ramya, Abigna, GNITS
  3. Bamboo cultivation – a boon for future fuel and energy- Hariswar Reddy, JNAFAU
  4. Organic farming and organic food- Baby, Janani, Nagasirisha, SPWC
  5. Agriculture and food security- Vaishnavi, SPWC
  6. Agriculture & food security- P.Chandini kumari, SPWC
  7. Agroforestry – An Employable and Eco-Friendly option- Sravani, Srikirthi, Rishita, GNITS
  8. Sustainable Agriculture & Strategies- P.Varalakshm, SPWC
  9. Study on organic farming- Devi, GNITS

Technical Session 3: 1.45PM – 3.30 PM

Chair:                  Dr. M. Aparna, Assoc. Prof, Mathematics, GNITS, Hyderabad

Dr. Umadevi. HOD, Dept of Physics, SPW college, Tirupathi


  1. Technical transformation in agriculture- S.Sheetal Sree, GNITS
  2. Nanotechnology for Sustainable agriculture paper- Pavani, Bhuvanani, GNITS
  3. Integrated farming systems for sustainable agriculture- Sahithi, GNITS
  4. Technical transformation in agriculture- Sandhya, GNITS
  5. Modern farming equipment, power & energy in agriculture- Varalakshmi, SPWC
  6. Agriculture and Modern technology- Neelamma, SPWC
  7. Geospatial technologies in the management of agriculture– Sadaf, Rashmitha, GNITS
  8. Diversification of agriculture- Varsha, Depthi, GNITS

Technical Session 4: 3.30PM – 5.20 PM

Chair:  Sri. B. Ramakrishna HOD, Facilities, Services & Planning -JNAFAU                             

Sri. Subba  Rao  Assoc. Prof,  Physics & Electronics, SN Vanitha Mahavidyalaya, Hyderabad


  1. Status and conservation issues of wetland birds in Perumpaakam marsh- Praththihara
  2. Horticulture and agro-forestry- Padmasree, SPWC
  3. Health hazards in agriculture- P Vaishnavi-GNITS
  4. Social and environmental impact of diary development-A Vishnupriya, SPWC
  5. Fisheries cultivation and marketing- Manasa, SPWC
  6. Need of Socialization of Technology in Agriculture- Damini, GNITS
  7. Environmental and social issues associated with agriculture-Lakshmi Rishitha, GNITS
  8. Food security & agriculture– Shubha.Y, SPWC


Special Chair & Award Selection Committee:

Sri. B. Ramesh  Former Scientist, ISRO

Sri. P. Uday Sanker  Former DCF, AP Forest

Dr. Ravinder R M  Osmania University

Dr. K. Jayachandra GIS consultant & Vice President-PEF

Closing Session; Valedictory: 5.20PM – 5.45 PM

Sri. K.K.Pappan, Former Scientist, ISRO & Founder member-PEF

M.V. Krishna Rao IPS, Former DG of Police, AP, President – PEF

Vote of Thanks by Dr. K. Jayachandra Vice President-PEF


Pure Earth Foundation is an Environment concerned charitable society formed by a professional group of eminent Scientists, retired Bureaucrats, Environmentalists and Technocrats with a motive to educate and create awareness to the society particularly to the younger generation about the dangers of Environmental degradation , Climate Change , Global Warming, negative use of technology and their impact on future generations. Having immense experience and knowledge, the members of the foundation wants to take up practical solutions towards these environment connected issues through scientific methods  for sustainable use of natural resources of the planet Earth.

PEF is a Centre for Environment and Geo-spatial Technologies offering ” Project Guidance and Internships” to Students studying for their graduation / post graduation in Geo/Earth-Sciences, Environment, Forestry, Agriculture, Water resources, Transportation, Urban Planning, Rural Development, Natural Resource development, Social development, disasters, watershed based works,  Archiological studies,road safety, policing,  Civil engineering, IT and computer Science by inolving them into live projects.

PEF is also supporting and encouraging the rural people particularly the farming sector by studying the suitable environmental conditions and resource potential to adopt right practices derived from scientific procedures while utilizing the land and water resources towards best results. Few activities that were identified and sincerely working by the PEF are; Watershed methods implementation, soil characteristics studies, mapping of land use & ground water potential, water harvesting methods, Forest/green cover/plantation rising, biodiversity balancing,  solar & wind energy utilization and initiatives for pollution free environment.

Pure Earth Environment Conference (PEEC)

PEF has initiated the Pure Earth Environment Conference in the year 2019, a bi-annual national conference to promote research and innovation in the field of environment, natural resources and social related issues.

The Conference will be organized twice in a year on fixed days ie the fourth Saturday of April and November months every year. The first conference was organized on 16-11-2019 at NMSMS Campus, Hyderabad.


Keeping in view, the prevailing restrictions & conditions across the country due to Covid19, the executive Committee of Pure Earth Foundation has cancelled both  the conferences of the year 2020 The second conference  was organised on 24th April 2021 in online mode.  The focal theme for this conference is – ‘Environment and Health’..The Director General of NIMSME, Ms. Glory Swaroopa,  the Director of CIPS, Sri C. Achalender Reddy IFS, Pure Earth Foundation President  and former DG of police Sri M.V.Krishna Rao IPS and Vice President, Pure Earth Foundation  Dr. K. Jayachandra have addressed the 70 plus online participants on Environment and Health related issues. 21 Research papers of the students representing from 14 states were presented with wonderful deliberations on Environment, Health and Covid19 related issues and solutions in the conference. Total 9 papers were awarded as best first, second and third prizes.  A well composed and printed Proceedings Book with the content of all the full length papers was also released during the conference and provided to all the participants of the conference. The digital copy of the proceedings book is available in the Articles Blog  page of this website.


The 3nd Pure Earth Environment Conference, 2021 was successfully organised in online mode today i.e., 27-11-2021. Former DG of police and Pure Earth Foundation President and Sri M.V.Krishna Rao IPS and Vice President, Pure Earth Foundation Dr. K. Jayachandra have addressed the 90 plus online participants on Environment and Education related issues.

22 Research papers from students representing various educational institutions were presented in the conference. Total 7 papers were awarded as best first (two), second (two) and third (three) prizes.

Prof. P. Venkatesu from University of Delhi, Assoc. Prof. Dr D.Chakradhar from IIT, Palakkad, Dr. Nusrath Aziz from Baramulla District, Jammu and Kashmir, Assoc. Prof. Dr.M.Aparna, Assist. Prof. Dr. K. Shyamala Devi, Assist. Prof. V.Vijayalakshmi from G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Sciences, Assoc. Prof. K.Subba Rao from SN Vanith Mahavidyalaya and Assoc. Prof. B RamaKrishna from JNAFAU were involved as Chair persons of four Technical Sessions.

The paper presentation with excellent content by the students was appreciated by the jury and the online participants by their vote.  The complete video of the online conference is available in digital format and will be shared if required.

A well composed and printed Proceedings Book with the content of all the full length papers was also released during the conference and is made available with PEF office which could be provided along with the certificates to all the participants of the conference. Altogether the 3rd Pure Earth Environment Conference was conducted with outstanding research content and wonderful deliberations on Environment, Education and Covid19 related issues and solutions. The organising committee of Pure Earth Foundation has announced the next Conference to be held in the month of April 2022.

Winners of 3rd Pure Earth Environment Conference

First Prize

Environment – a career and life- E. Anusha & N.Thanmai, B. Raja Rajeshwari GNITS

  1. The essence of green education for youngsters – Sai Geetha & Aishwarya Dhande, GNITS

Second Prize

  1. Bio-fuels-A step towards sustainability- P.Dharani & M.Parinita, GNITS
  2. Climate change and Global warming – Its adverse impacts on environment and biodiversity- Gnanojwala, SNVM

Third Prize

  1. Role of GIS and GPS technologies education for environment and human activities- M Jyothi, P Swathi, B Prem Nihal, J Saikrishna, VBIT
  2. A Review on Impacts of Disasters on Man and Environment- Vasavi & Mahija Sumithra, JPS/KV
  3. Covid 19 – Digital Transformation Changes in Education Sector- Varsha &V.Viswaleka, GNIT


The next and 4th Pure Earth Environment Conference (PEEC) will be held on 07th  May 2022   in  virtual mode.

The focal theme for PEEC 2022 is ‘Environment and Agriculture’. The conference invites students studying graduation, post graduation or research in Science, Engineering and Social subjects across India to share their techno-scientific and innovative ideas through paper presentations. PEEC aims to build a strong knowledge base and initiate discussions in the field of environment and sustainability. The one-day conference will deliver special addresses during the inaugural session, followed by 25-30 presentations by students. A selection committee will scrutinize papers received from students, and the selected papers will be presented at the conference. Best paper presentations will be awarded with cash prizes.

The 4th PEEC 2022(May) will address various new innovations & crops, scientific methods, technology role, healthy products, market prices, role of stakeholders and may sub themes under “Environment and Agriculture” as the focal theme. Students can focus on control of fertilizer, health concern crops and food product production towards handling Pandemics, Bio fuel & bio-energy through natural species and food security and submit the research papers. Best work will be awarded as usual.

Regestration can  be done by using the below link


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Aims and Objectives of the Society

  1. To create awareness and educate younger generation ie., mostly students on the need for  Pure Earth and dangers of Global Warming, Climate Change, disasters, all forms of Pollution etc
  2. To preserve Environment including Watersheds, Forests and Wild life
  3. To create a knowledge group of experts conversant with modern Technologies dealing with Environment emphasising on Air, Water, Waste Management, Disaster Management,  Flora & Fauna etc.
  4. To ensure sustainable and equitable use of resources without degrading Environment or Risking health through  Waste Management and concept of Reduce ,Recycle and Reuse,.
  5. To raise awareness and understanding of Link between Environment and Development.
  6. To promote Individual and Community participation in Protection and Preservation of Environment and Prevention of Air and Water Pollution .
  7. To extend  Technical support to any organisation working in the above mentioned fields including  evaluation of their projects, connected with environmental issues using Geo-spatial gadgets and Information Technologies at affordable and reasonable cost by sharing scientific inputs.
  8. To take up studies and preparation of Reports for projects on Environmental, Ecological issues and its Social impacts.
  9. To provide relief to the poor and needy .
  10. To conduct the literary programs and publish articles, magazines, research papers, audio/visual media documents on issues as per the above objectives.
  11. To undertake such other activities as are conducive or incidental for attainment of the above objectives of the Foundation